Mediator Training Courses


Continuing Mediator Education (CME) Requirements

Westbay Mediation provides continuing mediator education (CME) courses for Florida Supreme Court certified mediators and Georgia Registered Neutrals.
In Florida, our courses meet the certification renewal standards for certified mediators as defined by the Florida Supreme Court Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution (AOSC11-1). Generally Florida certified mediators are required to complete at least 16 hours of CME credits every two years. Also depending on your level of certification these hours must include; mediator ethics, domestic violence, diversity & cultural awareness.
In Georgia we are approved to offer CME courses by the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. Georgia, registered neutrals are required to complete at least three hours of ethics training each year.

Florida Mediator CME Courses

16 hr CME Course Bundles

Circuit/County Mediator 16 hr CME Essentials (Credits 16)

Family Mediator 16 hr CME Essentials (Credits 16)

Circuit/Family Mediator 16 hr CME Essentials (Credits 16)


CME Core Courses

Interpersonal Violence Essentials II (Credits 4)

Interpersonal Violence Essentials I (Credits 2)

Essential Mediator Ethics (Credits 4)

Ethics For Family Mediators (Credits 4)

Understanding Cultural Competency (Credits 1)


General Mediator Courses

Fundamentals Of Effective Negotiation (Credits 5)

Modern Strategies To Grow Your Mediation Practice (Credits 4)

Georgia Mediator CME Courses

Insights Into Construction Mediation (Credits 3)

Ethical Challenges Facing Online Mediations (for GA Neutrals) (Credits 3)

Ethical Pitfalls To Avoid In Family Mediations (for GA Neutrals) (Credits 3)

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