About Us

Westbay Mediation Academy is a provider of continuing mediator education training courses for dispute resolution professionals. We are dedicated to the promotion of non litigious methods in the prevention, management, and resolution of disputes.

Our Philosophy

As a society we are overly litigious. Over the years, we have been programmed to sue each other, the moment something, or some event, does not go as expected. At Westbay Mediation we believe that the resolution of most civil disputes, is best handled in a non litigious manner. The power to resolve these issues always reside with the parties involved. Therefore we believe in empowering the parties with the tools, to help them resolve their own issues, and find accord with each other. For too long we have been conditioned to always look to the courts for satisfaction, when in fact, the courts should be a destination of last resort. Even then, we should continue to find ways to peacefully resolve our issues.

Our Mission

The mission of Westbay Mediation Academy is to become the leading provider of mediator education training programs.

Our Passion

We are peacemakers, performance coaches, and facilitators, with a passion for helping and educating people. This is the core reason for the creation of our firm.

Meet Our Principal

Wayne Westbay Mediation Group was founded by Wayne Redwood. Wayne is a certified circuit civil, family, and appellate mediator, arbitrator, and performance coach. Wayne earned his Juris Doctor degree (JD), from Northwestern California University School of Law, and brings well over twenty years of ADR, business and professional experience to the practice. Wayne is also an avid masters track & field sprinter, competing in the 400M and 200M sprint events, and in the off season, enjoys a good game of tennis.


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