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This course package maybe of interest to mediators who are family, circuit civil, and appellate certified (FRA). In this course we introduce you to our unique 3 Meeting Approach to Divorce Mediation, followed by discussions on personal injury, construction defects mediation, followed by the required discussion on ethics, interpersonal violence, and diversity awareness. However we begin our journey with a survey of Career Choices in ADR, followed by a discussion of the current state of the business side of ADR.

The course continues with a section Mediating Personal Injury Claims; here we discuss some of the fundamental considerations to effectively mediating personal injury claims involving negligence, mainly those from automobile accidents. Keep in mind that the vast majority of this material was developed from our own mediation practice, and from workshops we conduct.

There is also a section on construction mediation. Here we explore some of the practical considerations of mediating a construction dispute including; the suitability of the case for mediation, the parties to the process, preparing for the mediation, negotiations during mediation, settlement discussions, and the ever changing role of the construction mediator.

Also we included a section on marketing for mediators wanting new ways to grow their practice. Here we explore proven methods to convert your website, blog, and social media properties, into powerful relational marketing tools for growing your business.

Our discussions on the appellate mediation process was designed to build on your existing knowledge base. Here we articulate the benefits of mediation in appellate cases, distinguish appropriate cases for mediation, and recap the various standards of appellate review.

This course would not be complete without lectures on the three core areas of mediator continuing education; ethics, interpersonal violence, and diversity. Our lecture on ethics outlines and discusses the Florida standards of conduct for certified mediators, including the modern Model Standards of Conduct for mediators. Think of our discussion on mediator ethics as a reminder of the rules, but with real life scenarios.

Our interpersonal violence lectures will increase your awareness of, and sensitivity to, domestic violence. So we explore some of the ethical issues faced by mediators in cases where domestic violence is suspected. We also explore how to spot domestic violence and explore some of the root causes to this epidemic.

We close the lectures with an exploration of diversity, and how mediators and other stakeholders may leverage diversity in the resolution and management of disputes.

Course participants are encouraged to actively participate in the peer discussions during this course.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our presentations.


CME: 16 hours (which includes 4 hours of mediator ethics, 4 hours of domestic violence, 1 hour of diversity/cultural awareness, 4 hours of appellate training)

CLE: 16 hours (which includes 6 hours of ethics), Florida Bar Approved


00 Course Syllabus
01 The Business of Mediation in General
02 Career Choices In ADR
03 Top 5 Things Consumers Look For When Choosing A Mediator
04 How To Effectively Prepare For Mediation
05 Introduction To Online Mediations
06 Frequent Ethical Misunderstandings
07 Introduction to Construction Mediation
07.01 Appropriate Use Of Mediation In Construction Disputes
07.02 Traits Of A Successful Construction Mediator
07.03 Ethical Considerations Of Construction Mediation
07.04 How Mediators Prepare For Construction Mediation
07.05 Negotiating With The Parties At Mediation
07.06 Ethical Considerations in Personal Injury Mediations
08 Divorce Mediation Skills
09 Promoting Your Mediation Services
09.01 Popular Mediator Marketing Tools
09.02 Top 4 Marketing Tools
09.03 Designing Your Marketing Hub
09.04 Introduction to Branding
10 DV Outline (a/k/a Interpersonal Violence)
10.01 What Is DV
10.02 Forms Of DV
10.03 Root Causes Of DV
10.03 Case Types and DV Resources
10.04 Impacts Of DV
10.05 Screening For DV
10.06 Duty To Report DV
11 Understanding Cultural Competency
12 Procedural Aspects of Appellate Mediation
12.1 Standards of Review in Appellate Cases

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