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Mediations Are Subject To The Following Terms

Mediator Fees: Mediation services are billed at an hourly rate of $125 per party for all services rendered, subject to certain minimums, and late cancellation fees. The minimum fee for mediation services is two hours. Fees are billed in fifteen minute increments. A “party” is defined as one or more persons or entities who have a common interest and who may be represented (or pro se) by a single attorney or firm.

Payment: Payment is due and payable at the end of each meeting. Fees may be payable via check, cash, or credit card.

Cancellation Policy: A cancellation fee of $250 will be charged if mediation is cancelled less than five business days before the scheduled mediation date. Cancellation fees will be billed to the party or parties requesting the cancellation.

Travel Time: There is never a charge for travel time for mediations conducted in Pasco, Hillsborough, or Pinellas counties. For mediations conducted outside those three counties, there will be a charge for travel time of $150.00 per hour, divided equally by the number of parties. If airline travel or an overnight stay is necessary, airfare, lodging and food will be billed at their actual cost.

Fees as stated apply unless court order, agency order, or published panel/roster rates dictate a different rate, in which case that rate governs, but all other conditions apply.

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