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Initial Divorce Mediation Meetings Are Subject To The Following Terms

Meeting Fees: You will be charged $150 for this initial one-hour meeting.

Meeting Location: You may choose to meet in-person at one of our conference locations , or via our live video conference portal. It's all up to you.

Payment: Payment is due at the end of our meeting. A valid credit card shall be kept on file to secure payment.

Schedule an initial divorce mediation meeting only after considering the following:

1. Your relationship is not working and you both want to explore mediation.
2. You both want to keep your divorce peaceful and private.
3. You both want to fairly divide your marital assets and debts.
4. You both want to jointly parent and spend quality time with your children.
5. You both would prefer not to spend money litigating things that you can agree on amongst yourselves.


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