Ethical Dilemmas In Online Mediations

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This course explores the ethical challenges facing online mediation. Online mediation is an emerging practice method. Traditionally, mediations were conducted face-to-face, with all the parties gathering in the same physical location. However with busy schedules, people are now requesting (demanding) alternative meeting methods, and real-time video is a great fit. The popularity of Facetime and Skype is testament to the fact that video communication is here to stay, and mediators should embrace this.
Conducting mediations online allows the mediator to
• expand mediation services beyond their local community,
• serve a wider audience of people,
• overcome cultural barriers,
• increase public awareness of mediation and,
• include the millennial and younger members of our population in mediations.
So join us in the journey and discover a whole new world.


CME: 4 hours of Mediator Ethics.

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