Parenting & Time Sharing Plan Mediation Services

What is a Parenting & Time Sharing Plan?

A parenting plan is a written document that details how you will co-parent your children with your former spouse or partner. A time sharing plan outlines the schedule and amount of overnight stays with your child(ren), you will share between yourself and your co-parent. Think of these plans as a road map to raising your child(ren) from separate homes. These plans are very important, and are an integral part of a healthy co-parenting relationship. Divorce and separation are hard on children, and these plans provide an opportunity for co-parents to decide how to truly be there for the child(ren), so that they feel loved and safe. A parenting & time sharing plan provides structure, and allows you and your child(ren) to grow and thrive. Studies show that children do best when they have structure in their lives, it gives them a sense of security. At minimum a parenting and time sharing plan should; put the welfare of the child(ren) first, address the individual responsibilities of the co-parents, outline time sharing schedules, take into account child(ren) activities, school schedules, educational needs, healthcare logistics, address any special needs of the child(ren), insurance, child support, and all other financial issues should be fully addressed.

Developing a Parenting Plan

There are a lot of moving parts involved in the divorce and separation process. Parents often get side tracked with a host of other issues and often times lose focus on what matters most - the welfare of their child(ren). However during this time, parents should make it a priority to discuss the basics of a plan with each other. We suggest sketching out a rough plan which should address at least; the immediate needs of the family, with as little disruption to the lives of the child(ren) as possible.

Mediating a Parenting Plan

Mediating a parenting plan with your co-parent allows each of you to keep your focus and decide what's best for your child(ren). With the assistance of a Florida Supreme Court certified family mediator, you and your co-parent can talk openly and confidentially about what is important and the concerns you have. You may both speak with the mediator together, or each of you can speak with the mediator separately. All talks with the mediator are confidential and protected by Florida Statutes. The mediator will provide a process that allows you to say what you need to say, and work with you to develop the best plan possible for your family. Your mediator will also stress test your plan, by asking you to consider alternatives to items you have listed in the plan, thereby giving you a real-world look at how your plan may unfold in the future.

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