Fundamentals To The Art Of Negotiating

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Without even thinking about it, we are all involved in negotiations on a daily basis. On a personal level; we negotiate with friends, family members, business owners, car dealers, our employers, and many others. On a business level; negotiation is a key element to any sucessful business pursuit. This course will simply help you be a better negotiator in your personal or professional life.

This course is based on the negotiation and dispute resolution framework developed in house at Westbay Mediation. We use this time tested framework on a daily basis in all our cases, for prepairing, analyzing and shaping real world negotiations.

At the end of this course, you will have gained critical skill, techniques and communication methods to become a more complete, creative, and patient negotiator.


5 hours CME (which includes 1 hour of mediator ethics, and 1 hour of diversity/cultural awareness)

01 Introduction To The Art of Negotiating
02 Things We Frequently Negotiate
03 Fundamental Concepts of Negotiation
04 Elements of Negotiation
05 Essential Negotiation Skills
06 Strategic Planning In Negotiation 1
07 Strategic Planning In Negotiation 2
08 Reaching An Agreement
09 Bonus - Career Choices In ADR
10 Bonus - Apply Cultural Competency


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