Modern Strategies to Grow Your Mediation Practice

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In this course we take you on a real life journey, marketing a mediation (adr) practice. Here we outline some of the most effective real life marketing methods, which you may immediately implement into growing your mediation practice. Keep in mind that marketing is a bit "schizophrenic", and you have to do many things at the same time to see results. Usually the sequence you choose to do things is not as important as doing it. However whatever you do, only tackle a few things at a time. At the end of this short journey, we hope that you would have gained some new insights into positioning and marketing your mediation practice.


4 hours CME (which includes 1 hour of mediator ethics).

01 The Business of Mediation In General
02 Career Choices In ADR
03 Branding Your Services
04 Designing Your Marketing Hub
05 Building a Subscriber Base and Promoting Your Practice
06 General Marketing Tools
07 Top 4 Mediator Marketing Tools
08 Top 5 Things Consumers Look For When Choosing A Mediator
09 Top 3 Things Attorneys Look For When Choosing A Mediator
10 Challenges Facing Online Mediation

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All Certified Mediators


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