Mediating Estate Planning and Estate Disputes

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In this course we discuss the use of mediation in the estate planning arena, and the use of mediation in the resolution of disputes involving wills, trusts and related estate disputes. Here we argue that estate planning should be modernized, and viewed more as a collaborative process involving planning attorneys, financial advisors, insurance professionals, and mediators. In taking this approach we may better serve the wishes of the testator, and foster better family relationships of the beneficiaries. Also the traditional way to address an estate dispute is to lawyer-up and file a lawsuit, and it is common to see families being torn apart in this process. Surely this is not what the decedent would have wanted to happen. Here we argue that there must be a better way, and propose a new family centric approach to resolving issues involving estate disputes. Join us in this journey.


4 hours of mediator ethics

Course Outline

01 Introduction To The Use Of Mediation In Estate Planning
02 Course Disclaimer
03 Estate Planning Identified
04 Conflicting Needs and Conflicts of Interest
05 The Use Of Mediation In Estate Planning
06 Role of the Mediator In Estate Planning
07 Traditional Steps Taken To Resolve Estate Issues
08 Introduction To The Use of Mediation in Wills, Trusts and Estate Disputes
09 Wills and Trusts for Mediators
10 Overview Of The Probate Process for Mediators
12 Traditional Steps Taken To Resolve Estate Disputes
13 Role of the Mediator In Estate Disputes
14 Branding Your Services - Optional, Mediator Marketing
15 Top 4 Mediator Marketing Tools - Optional, Mediator Marketing


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