Divorce Financial Planning

About Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce Financial Planning is designed to help individuals going through a divorce, figure out their financial issues and plan for the future. Here you will learn about the financial aspects of divorce which may include; discussions on the effects of complex subjects such as marital vs separate property, valuing and equitably dividing property, retirement and pension accounts, spousal support, child support, the family residence, tax issues, and insurance. Our role is to help our clients to understand how the financial decisions they make today may impact their financial future.

Benefits of Divorce Financial Planning

• Take charge of the financial aspects of your divorce
• Better understanding of your financial picture
• Better understanding of the divorce process
• Ability to negotiate financial issues more effectively with your spouse
• Minimize legal fees
• Minimize taxes
• Save marital assets for yourself and family
• Better able to plan for your child(ren)
• Better able to analyze your long-term cash flow needs
• Better able to compare and contrast settlement proposals

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