Keys to the Business of Divorce Mediation

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This course is a business development course for mediators who want to develop and build a dynamic divorce mediation services business. In this course we will introduce you to our 3 Meeting Approach to Divorce Mediation business process. Here you will gain insights on how to tailor this business process, and build your very own divorce mediation services business. Divorce mediation services can be a great complement to your current professional practice.

Other topics include; the art of designing parenting and time sharing plans, child support isues, equitable distribution, retirement plans, spousal support, tax issues, insurance issues, business ownership, drafting agreements reached in mediation, and divorce case document preparation procedures.

By the end of the course participants will have learned; how to build a dynamic divorce mediation services business, competently and creatively mediate divorce (and post-divorce) issues, and competently guide the parties through their difficult family discussions.

The content of this course was compiled from over twelve years of providing divorce mediation services, and building our very own practice. We continually keep this course fresh with the latest innovative practice techniques.

Why do this course

According to a study done by the CDC in 2012, the divorce rate in Florida was 4.2% per 1000 people. Currently Florida courts process approximately 88,000 divorce cases annually, and most all courts now a require that divorce issues are mediated prior to final judgment. Further it is estimated that well over 50% of divorce couples are pro se filers, opting to settle their divorce without litigation. Some couples go pro se because they want to avoid paying large legal fees, while others find going pro se and mediating their divorce less stressful, and healther for the families concerned. Also many pro se filers tend to seek some level of non-adverarial professional help during the divorce cycle. Therefore this opens up a wonderful market for legal, mental health, financial, and other ADR professionals who are uniquiely qualified and positioned to serve this market.


8 hours CME (which includes 2 hours of mediator ethics, 2 hours of interpersonal violence, 1 hour of diversity/cultural awareness).


01 Career Choices In ADR
02 Introduction to Construction Mediation
03 Unique Nature of Construction Mediation
04 Appropriate Use of Mediation In Construction Cases
05 Traits of Succesful Construction Mediators
06 Ethical Considerations in Construction Cases
07 How Mediators Prepare For Construction Mediation
08 Events In Construction Mediation Cases
09 Divorce Mediation Skills 1
10 Divorce Mediation Skills 2
11 Divorce Doc Prep 101
12 Divorce Case Filing Process
13 Divorce Mediation Skills Intro
14 Spotting Economic Abuse In Divorce
15 Ethical Pitfalls To Avoid In Divorce Mediations
16 Introduction to Interpersonal Violence (IPV)
17 Definitions of IPV
18 Forms of IPV
19 Root Causes of IPV
20 Impacts of IPV
21 Methods of Screening
22 Cases and Resources
23 Duty to report
24 About Cultural Competency
25 Top 5 Mistakes Made in Divorce
26 Top 5 Things Consumers Look For When Choosing A Mediator
27 Top 3 Things Attorneys Look For When Choosing A Mediator


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