Modern Strategies to Grow Your Mediation Practice

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In this online interactive course, we discuss some of the most effective techniques for branding and growing your mediation services. The contents of this course was compiled from over ten years of successfully marketing and growing our own mediation practice.
Experience tells us that in order to build a successful mediation practice, we must develop a strong network of people who will use, and personally recommend our services.
This course explores how to use the "web" to build this network and further facilitate these recommendations. Here we focus on specific methods to convert your website, blog, and other social media properties, into powerful relational marketing tools.
Much of the traditional methods of marketing and advertising, simply just does not work for mediation practices. By the end of this course we hope that you will use our experiences to propel your practice to the next level

The course is broadcast live over the web from our video classroom . There are no travel costs, no hotel stay, and no need to take time off from work.

Who will benefit from taking this course

ADR Professionals

Course Outline

• The business side of mediation and its unique nature
• Decide on the type of mediator you want to be
• Beanding your mediation services
• Developing your marketing hub
• Choosing a unique domain name
• Must know tech stuff about your website
• Methods to promote your services online
• Methods to promote your services off-line
• Discussion on using social media as a marketing tool
• How to build a subscriber base for your services
• Explore some ethical considerations to mediator business development


CME: 4 hours of General Mediator Education

Multimedia Elements

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There is no risk on your part in taking this course. If you are not satisfied we will provide you with a full refund. Upon payment and approval of your registration, we will email you access credentials to the course. Upon completion of this course a downloadable electronic certificate will be provided, along with a detailed course outline. You may attach these documents to your mediator renewal application.



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