CaseForms: Financial Software for Family Law Professionals

Caseforms software modernizes the old ineffective way of completing financial affidavits, dividing marital property, and calculating support obligations. Caseforms makes it easy for family law professionals and their clients to collaborate in real time, on issues pertaining to the financial aspects of their case. Caseforms logically organizes all the financial aspects of a dissolution of marriage case, and empowers the parties with information to make wise financial decisions.


• Prepare and print the Florida Family Law Financial Affidavit
• Prepare and print the Florida Child Support Worksheet
• Negotiate like a pro using Caseforms Equitable Distribution Worksheet
• Send a secure login from Caseforms to your client so they may collaborate
on the financial aspects of their case


• Very easy to use
• Improve professional productivity
• No software to download, install, and update
• Compatible with all modern web browsers
• Your data is safe and secure
• Very responsive technical support team

Target Audience

• Family Mediators
• Family Law Attorneys
• Financial Advisors


Frequently Asked Questions

Your purchase price includes a license to use Caseforms software on an annual basis. We will send you a renewal reminder each year prior to the expiration.
Requests for cancellations within the first 30 days will receive a full 100% refund. Requests after 30 days but before 180 days will receive a pro-rata refund. Requets after 180 days are not eligible for refund. Please speak with our customer service team directly for assistance with these matters.

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