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About Divorce Mediation in Brandon, Florida

Spouses in the Brandon, Seffner, Riverview area may obtain a complete divorce in mediation without resorting to the stress and expense of litigation.

Divorce mediation is advantageous for couples with minor children, who do not want the expense and stress of a litigated divorce case. This is because divorce mediation allows the parents (and not the courts), to work out the [best] possible parenting plan for themselves and their children, and how they want to split their assets and debts.

Therefore we believe that divorce mediation is emotionally, and financially, the best way for any couple to obtain a divorce. The divorce mediation process is affordable, confidential, safe, and empowering. We cannot say the same for a litigated divorce.

The Divorce Mediation Process

Couples in New Tampa may obtain a complete divorce in mediation without resorting to the stress and expense of litigation.

Divorce mediation is ideally suited for couples who are able to communicate and make rational decisions. Divorce mediation provides you and your spouse, the opportunity to safely and confidentially make your own decisions, and craft your own agreements. There are no downsides to divorce mediation.

A divorce mediation case typically requires two (sometimes three) meetings with the divorce mediator. The complexity of the issues will ultimately determine the actual number of meetings. Each meeting is usually booked for three hours.

During mediation we help you work out the details of your divorce, and reduce to writing the things you have agreed to with each other. Here we help you create a marital settlement agreement, facilitate discussions regarding spousal support, help you to create a parenting & time sharing plan for your children, and help you to equitably divide your marital asset and settle you debts.

We are also able to assist with the valuation of pension accounts, and the distributions from retirement, and 401K plans if necessary. Visit our QDRO page for more details.

Also if requested, we are able to assist you with the completion of the required Florida Supreme Court forms, for filing your divorce case with the courts.

The total costs of our services are usually far less than a litigated divorce. Our fees are disclosed up front and so there are no surprises at the end.

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